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From Bill Knott's Latest Collection Murder/Suicide

which is available for free , as all of his books are, or you can pay a few bucks for a print copy via Lulu. This is the first poem from this edition. I had not read it before, but now I can't stop thinking about it. 1946 The year Noir was born; the year Nazis hid In monasteries to restore their force; Peace, but peace that made some things even worse Than they were pre-war: I was just a kid, Hard at play, cap pistols, hooky, apples Filched through a farm fence: then my mother dies, Killed illegal abortion style by guys Quoting God, his badboy lies, his bibles. Pope Vandal burnt the last Complete Sappho Publicly, my mother was butchered in A secret site; their results much the same, So I blame him and him and him and him, All of them from Adam onwards are men, Meaning me, meaning the worst thing I know. Note: In 1073, Pope Gregory VII ordered the public  burning of all books containing the poetry of Sappho

from Three Variations, All About Love, by Philip Whalen

I love this poem so much I typed it in. I. So much to tell you Not just that I love There is so much more You must hear and see If I came to explain It would do no good Wordlessly nibbling your ear Burying my face in your belly All I would tell is you And love; I must tell Me, that I am a world Containing more than love Holding you and all your other Lovers wherein you And I are free from each other A world that anyone can walk alone Music, coathangers, the sea Mountains,ink, trashy novels Trees, pancakes, The Tokaido Road The desert--it is yours Refuse to see me! Don't answer the door or the telephone Fly off in a dragon-chariot Forget you ever knew me But wherever you are Is a corner of me, San Juan Letran Or Montreal,Brooklyn, Or the Lion Gate Under my skin at the Potala Behind my eyes at Benares Far in my shoulder at Port-au-Prince Lifted in my palm Anywhere you must be you Drugged, drunk or mad As old,as young, whatever you are Livin

44 Joy Street Boston MA--John Wieners

I guess I have a project now. Take pictures of places where my favorite poets lived. It's fun, and gets me places I wouldn't normally go. Any suggestions?