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Ace Boggess

“Are You Morbid?”                                                                                                                                                 —online quiz I spoke to morticians on the phone each day as though I ran a helpline for those who knew too much about grief to feel it. Some sounded like timid strangers in a quiet room as they rattled off their litanies of names. “Melody Anderson,” one would say, “age sixty-four, went to be with the Lord at St. Mary’s Hospital,” not stopping to joke—as we in the newsroom did— Jesus must have been waiting in the ICU, resting with a post-op morphine drip in the next room. Funeral directors found nothing funny— their job to comfort survivors, mine to get words right: names, children, spouses, special friends. I talked to plotters as though we were intimates ourselves, mourning over mass graves covered in newsprint black. One brought me a Christmas tin loaded with cookies the othe

LNP Manifesto

     In trying to sum up what our aesthetic at Live Nude Poems will be, we are drawn to the idea and function of poetry.  In our opinion, we’ve always believed that poetry must serve a purpose – to enlighten, to explain and by doing so, bring a greater understanding of self.  We have a job to do as poets, even if only to better know our own humanity.  We're certainly not here to argue what art is or why we write.  We write because we have to, and the work is unique to each of us.  Knowing that, we would like to showcase poetry that breathes and presents moments in time, work that helps us understand you, tells a story, changes the reader--if only for a second.

All New Live Nude Poems!

My wife and I, the poet Heather Sullivan, are changing Live Nude Poems. Instead of my inconsistent postings about poetry and its concerns, we've decided to  refocus LNP on other poets and their work.  Another poetry journal, yes, powered by Blogger, the kindness of our hearts, and a great deal of experience between us. Look for a manifesto soon.  If you have any questions, please mail us at