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New Draft

Hi all. Did you miss me? ... Liars. :-) Here's a new draft in my new conversational style. Scatology and sexism optional, but you know, the fart joke always works. One Last Crap That’s ten pounds of weight I no longer have to try to lose. Do you know how long it takes? To fill up? And I have diverticulisitis or something which cuts divots, fucking DIVOTS! into my colon. I will forever be set upon by diseases I can’t pronounce around my spastic rolling tongue and the fine root canals American dentistry have provided lo these many years but have not yet found a way to stop psychosis. What kind of shit is that? In the future dentists will cure their patients of psychosis with drills and fine-breasted attendants who intentionally brush you as you turn your head to spit blood and juices into the great gaping maw of the American health system.