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Hunger by John Grochalski

hunger he’s eating something italian out of a styrofoam container over a blue garbage can that matches his coat occasionally he lifts up a plastic jug to his mouth and takes a big drink of something cloudy that has noodles in it he’s a discerning and somewhat picky eater picking things out of the can and discarding them at will he likes the half-eaten bacon roll but isn’t much for the unwrapped snickers a few blocks ago i had a hunger that i couldn’t stand and had to stop and split a butter bagel with my wife after all, it had been ten hours since my last meal and i wasn’t sure if i could hold out for lunch he goes back to the italian food which might be beef or chicken or, god forbid, veal there’s not even an italian joint around this block so someone had to go far to toss this out but it’s his good luck that it was sitting there on top of the half-drunk tub of coffee and the barely touched pork fried rice he has a beard like santa claus that is wet from the cloudy noodle concoction j