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MFA Poem--for Mather Schneider

via Ron Silliman and Tom Clark : I’ve heard people argue that there’s an awful kind of poem called an MFA poem, and usually these people who hate MFA poems have never earned an MFA, so the MFA poets argue vehemently in defense of their craft and their MFAs, and I, an MFA poet try to agree and say,  I’m on the MFA’s team. We’re right and they’re wrong. Nah-nah-nah-nah-nah. But the truth is, well, there is a certain kind of poem I was taught to write when I was earning what my husband calls my mail-order degree from a low-res program in the Northeast.  And I guess I would call this kind of poem an MFA poem, though the truth is, I never learned to write one very well (though this is one of them, or is trying to be), but I do see them everywhere now, these MFA poems, which I despise, not because the poems are bad but because I was taught how to write them by this asshole professor (he was such a creep) who was abusive to women, mostly, fucked with