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Hi all. As you can tell, things have been quiet around here in the last six months. Heather and I have had the most exciting of lives--he said sarcastically--which has  hindered progress, let's say. We haven't gotten many submissions either, as I think poets assumed the market died. Nope. Still alive, just coming out of a lull. Look for more frequent updates going forward, as we expand back into poetry news and links from around the web as well as original poems from the small cadre of writers who follow us. Priority list for LNP: outreach (finding new poets for us to publish) interviews with small press poets and editors curating poetry news (send your news to our email or PM us on social media) updating the Paul Blackburn page. You can follow my Black Mountain Poets obsession as I read my way through Blackburn's letters to Julio Cortazar, published last year by Lost & Found : The CUNY's Poetics Document Initiative.  writing on Joel Oppenheimer, Black Mo