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Dennis Mahagin & Susan Tepper

Blow It Out It comes from that place  of hunger and thirst I bow, you drip honey in my tea call it love make ourselves laugh, high the room spinning, ears ringing colors across a dead ceiling. I’m relevance relinquished. You’re pirate without a ship. Stranger things occur and are  occurring,  I take off my blouse; sparks pop  with the buttons  and darkness scissors  the room. Dennis Mahagin  is the author of two poetry collections: “Grand Mal” published by Rebel Satori Press, and “Longshot and Ghazal,” from Mojave River Press. He’s also the Poetry Editor for a magazine called FRiGG, and sometimes plays the bass guitar in a rock band (and a blues band!) in Deer Lodge, Montana.  Susan Tepper is the author of seven published books of fiction and poetry. Her newest title "Monte Carlo Days & Nights" is a linked-story collection set at the French Riviera, and just out from Rain Mountain Press, NYC. 'Live From The Algonquin Hotel&