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Howie Good

Message from Unknown Sender

I’ve been trying not to die, but I got to be honest, it just adds to the amount of chaos. Every couple of weeks there’s the stink of decay everywhere, accompanied by mold-green shadows. The dog knows when it’s coming. He starts barking insanely and racing around the house. I don’t feel like I’m leaving this place. I feel like this place is leaving me. I was actually told, “It’s too late for old people to be out, anyway.” Oh, America, how can this be? You should have taken my advice a while ago and covered your webcam with tape.
Howie Good is the author of The Loser's Guide to Street Fighting, winner of the 2017 Lorien Prize from Thoughtcrime Press, and Dangerous Acts Starring Unstable Elements, winner of the 2015 Press Americana Prize for Poetry. His latest poetry collections are I Am Not a Robot from Tolsun Books and A Room at the Heartbreak Hotel from Analog Submission Press, both published in 2018.