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Rob Plath

my father prided himself on being a thug, a leg breaker, a thief whose every third word was cunt or motherfucker & usually aimed at his own family but he wouldn't allow his 12-year-old son to have a miniature swiss army knife i remember he grabbed it from my hands & kept it himself in the drawer w/ other larger knives & a pistol i loved the knife back then the way it snapped in & out of its thin bed but when i grew older & disinterested in knives & bb guns i found i possessed another kind of edge passed down to me thru the centuries a beautiful blade sheathed in the skull which grows sharper & sharper & never is in need of the grindstone Rob Plath is a 46-year-old poet from New York. He has over a dozen books out. He is most known for his collection A BELLYFUL OF ANARCHY (epic rites press). He lives alone with his cat and stays out of trouble. See more of his work at .