Monday, August 30, 2010

Best of the Web Nomination

I just got news from Helen Losse at the Dead Mule that she'd nominated my poem "How It Begins" for this anthology. Thanks to her, and to the Mule. You should go read the other fine work on the site, and get to mine (you"ll have to scroll a bit) when you have time.


  1. We always enjoy your writing, Rusty. Thank you for contributing. You've been a Mule for many years, eh?

    -Valerie MacEwan
    Editor/Publisher, The Dead Mule
    and all that nonsense one can type after
    one's name on a Comment...

  2. Thanks, Val. I've been a Mule since, hooboy, 2000, maybe? 2001? It's been fun, and it's great to have a journal that stays online for ten years--there aren't that many these days.